New Year’s Eve 2016





Wake Me Up

Had a great weekend with Dorff, David Arquette, Owen Wilson and friends.  Celebrating with Stephan Dorff tonight at Catch (NYC) and Electric Room.  Happy Birthday Dorff!

The video to Avicii’s Wake me Up made in partnership with Ralph Lauren Denim (not a bad partnership).  Pretty inspirational song and perfect for the good times being had over the summer.

Where ever you are Live Life!

Life Untitled – A Work In Progress (Follow Me on Twitter @partnmotion)


Well here I am.  It’s almost 8am on a random Sunday.  That last sentence was so short but it has so much import.  Breaking it down it means, at least partially, the following:

8 a.m. – I can’t sleep. Even if I had passed out I would have woken up now. There’s just so much on my mind.

Random – Means that the same BS that happens everyday happened yesterday and probably will tomorrow.  The few immediate concerns are the numbing that I’m feeling (will expand upon later), why my daughter’s mother has to constantly be evil, the desire to have meaningful conversation with intelligent people, work, pleasure, disappointment, doubt, God and the need for faith in something, family (what a big word), courage, economics… The Random.

I’m just happy to be logged in right now.  My blog.  My outlet.  It’s always good to breath.  Deep breath.  Deep Breath.


This is the tough part.  I’m gonna go to sleep.  I had amazing dreams last night (that says a lot considering how fantastic my reality is).  I want to be clear on the thoughts and conversation we enter.  Without bias or lies as best I possibly can.  It’ll be skewed by my perspective.  But I’ll try.

What’s Up


Its been slow going in trying to find as a new space that has both a 4a.m. liquor license and a sane seller that understands that they aren’t going to be paid a billion dollars for what is basically a failed business or just not worth the asking price plus a new build-our and opening cost.  I’ve seen some some great places and would be happy to do a JV (joint venture) but again the above applies.

Can’t let time pass without having some independent influence on the industry so I decided to carve out space in the pre-club hours with a dinner series.  I started the 1st series on Thursdays, 9pm –, Mediterranean eatery Casa La Femme.  Casa La Femme is legendary in nightlife.  Its original location on Green Street in SOHO was the haunt for models, actors, actors, musicians, politicians, designers…  Legendary!

We’re on week 4 of the dinner party and with the help of the owners Medhat Ibrahim and Anastasi Hairatidis, its been amazing.  Believe me I’ve been smiling at the success of it. So, what happens after?  Well, I like a few spaces as lounge/club-ish spaces but the winner for Thursdays is The Darby Downstairs where our crowd mixes and overlaps with owner’s Richie Akiva and Ronnie Madras‘.  Models and Celebs vibe and party to rock n roll, hip hop, house to a mash up music.  (Oak in Las Vegas is crushing it apparently).

In full disclosure I do go by The Darby Downstairs and hold court on Fridays and Saturdays (Tuesdays too).  But I do roll over to Provocateur to see the boys Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter with there in-house crew Kyky, Dimitri and Francois.  Rumor has that the entire Provocateur team will be headed to Cannes for the Film Festival and taking over Gotha and setting up an amazing lineup of headlining DJs.

Last night Catch‘s Third Floor’s Monster Party was jammed packed with models, music, financial and sports heavy weights.  Ron Burkle, Jay Z, Diddy, Swizzbeats, Amarie Stoudamire, Kanye West, Carmelo Anthony, and wall to wall models.

I have plans to take an outdoor space for another dinner party during the week.  Gotta stay in it so stay tuned for that…


Knicks – Made the Playoffs and look good damn it.

Rangers – In the Playoffs and need more celebrity support at home games.

Nets – Moving to Brooklyn which means Manhattan – Brooklyn series are gonna be sick!

Yankees – Killing it! (of course)

Mets – Killing it!  (who knew?)


The Republican Primaries are all but done, according to major media outlets, with republicans settling on Mitt Romney as the last man standing pretty much.  No one seems excited.  Lets watch as they transition from extreme right to middle right and say and do whatever it takes to take it to the president.  How do you trust anyone who’ll say anything to get elected.  How does that work?  I’ll expand on this on the next go round.

A few bullet point:

  • The president does not govern alone congress is and has been a disaster and all the real power
  • we have to take back and own our politics not just complain
  • all politics are local – please remember this – 90% of the laws that affect you are made locally
  • make educated votes
  • do not and/or stop voting against your own self interest
  • do not be distracted by mass media
  • engage in friendly, if not intelligent, conversation and debate

Getting Personal

I have got to be one of the luckiest men alive to be blessed with the attention and affections some of the most beautiful women in the world (I thank God everyday).  I watch as models, actors and singers mingle with music , movie and money moguls all just wanting to be out find “it” and enjoy “it.”   We New Yorkers work hard and play even harder so every night is filled with the who’s who all in search of “it”.

I’m saddened.  Yeas, that’s a weird term.  Recently I split with a young lady I was seeing.  She’s a sexy, smart, fun and funny all American who’s crazy as hell, with curves in all the right places.  We were having a blast!!!  If I elaborated they would shut my blog down for indecency.

We also traveled and paled around like two love birds.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best luck with support from friends and the relationship was somewhat convoluted with a million issues but none more constraining as loyalty and trust.  Not just her’s.

Note to self: There are so many haters, applied liberally to and in all categories from friendships to work, and few if any real folks who encourage folks instead of enabling (a drug term used to describe people who help addicts get and do drugs instead of helping them overcome addiction) them.  Most of them surround you.  If you get that feeling they’re assholes its probably true.

Well after too much crap to innumerate here I’d had enough and called it a day.  My personal feeling regarding a successful relationships is the following:

  • make each other comfortable and feeling confident
  • share and don’t lie
  • have sex constantly
  • make each other smile and laugh
  • touch each other (petting is amazing)
  • travel together
  • more sex
  • If your partner is shallow or focused only on money get out.  They will never be happy…

Not a solve all but its a good start.  In the meantime Ms. Right Now, whomever she or they may be, are gonna have some us some fun.