Why Write a Blog?

There is no simple answer to why write a blog.  Its not to sell anything or to criticize anyone.  Its really just commentary.  I realized that most people don’t really know each other.  I know for certain that most don’t really want other people to know anyone else unless it helps them. Outside of people you work with and close friends, if close friends still really exist, do we really know each other?  I think its because I miss conversation. 

My life, with all its charm, needs commentary.  I love the journey of life and all of its excesses.  But with the excesses comes the need for discussion, commentary and questions.  I’m going to speak and ask questions and I hope entice the audience into a conversation and discussion.  We all could use a little more than the guilty pleasures.  We need a little maturity.  At least I do.

I’ll Try and keep this updated daily as best as I can.  It won’t be updated until about mid-day when possible.

Thanks for reading.



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