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Model Talk

Okay. It’s true. Greenhouse, my latest haunt in Soho, opened with a lot of fanfare but was probably opened a little late in the season missing out on Diddy’s Election Day/ Birthday Party and not nearly enough time to really get our grove before the holidays. But let me say Greenhouse is now “the” NYC Hot Spot.

It hasn’t been easy. I wont get into the various inner sanctum minutia that drives me, and most that have integrity in this business, crazy but I have other club owners call with threats about competing on “their” nights and “stealing promoters”. Crap like that from people with egos that are bigger than they should be. A sizable ego is a must for success in any industry but please… the bullshit from some in this business, as if any of us are the originators of the industry, is just showing your hand and highlights insecurities that wouldn’t otherwise be obvious. Well, not that obvious.

I have to go back and thank a few people. I celebrated my birthday in December and unfortunately i was remiss in blogging. Thank you to my friends that hosted and attended my Birthday. Bridget Hall, Amy Wesson, Andre Harrell, Damon Dash, Alec Wek, Alex Von Furstenburg, Angela Lindvall, Doutzen Kroes, Egle Tvirbuaite, Josie Morans, O’Neal McKnight, Elise Crombez, Giedre Dukauskaite, Leonardo DiCaprio, a special thank you to Petery Tuney for the specialty art work gift and Jim Jones for performing and making it crazy and Alex Smith for sharing the day with me by celebrating his birthday the same evening. We are both born on December 16th.

This past week I was partying with Gerry Butler, Katie Perry, Estelle, and where Jay Z, Nas, Rick Ross, Timberland, Akon and LA Reid celebrated a friends birthday…


Katy Perry

Katy Perry & Estelle




Night Life Guru cum interior designer, Steven Lewis, was host and honoree of BlackBook Magazine on Wednesday. kickass party culminating with a performance by Kid Cudi- insanely fun night!

Kid Cudi


Jim Jones- Hip Hop Monologues/Off Broadway Play/Musical

I was invited to the season opening of Jim Jones’ Hip Hop Monologues. Wow! This guy has got the goods. The production is a musical based on the time-line to his success with a message of hope with an eye to the struggles of achieving success with the obstacles inherent in growing up Black and impoverished. Don’t get me wrong. This play/musical is fun and funny and has a message of success not just hope. It was thoughtful and well produced. No, its no Miss Saigon but it is a triumph in what is obviously a personal journey in this talented young man’s life with with scenes and images that are relevant to anyone and everyone.


X-Men Origins-Wolverine

This movie is flat out good. Its not Iron Man but it has a great story line and is well acted. I can’t wait for the future development of this story line if this is the direction its going. Marvel is finally getting it a right…


Barack Obama– Its Just Leadership

-The man with his “Football” is as cool as the other side of the willow.

Americans are like drug addicts detoxing the hard way. Going cold turkey from drugs. We have been so programmed by the Bush administration’s politics and approach, scare tactics, lies, abuse of power, and the overall approach to dumbing down of america that we are confused by the intelligent, thoughtful, educational, charasmatic approach of President Obama and his administration.

How long will it take before we reeducate ourselves to be think before we speak. Listen so that we can formulate an appropriate response and review all of our options so that we have the best response. The example of leadership and problem solving President Obama has displayed in his first two months has exemplary. We want a winner but are stuck in the mentality of “consumption, criticism, and living only in the immediate gratification of the now” with a media full of commentator and fewer and fewer journalists.

Our political leaders, Democrat and Republican, had better catch up with where America is and not the failed representation of the past nine years. Lack of will is only part of the problem. Its the lack of leadership that is glaringly appalling! It’s not that Obama is doing anything super human. It’s that someone is finally doing something. It’s what we should expect from the people we elect to represent us.


Jamie Foxx- Blame It

If you haven’t heard it yet I’m putting it up here because it’s the universal answer and it makes me smile.