Its Been a Long Time

Well its been some time.  I have sat down to write so often but my mind has been a log jam of activity.  I know I promised details of Fashion Week in New York but it was such a hectic time.  I’ll leave what I wrote then.  Its enough.  

Green Star

The best thing that happened during NY Fashion Week was that I was able to put two friends together on a green initiative.  Charles Roberts  has an amazing concept market forces driving a companies to become more environmentally friendly.  The idea is to rate a companies carbon footprint and allow consumers to choose amongst the competing brands.  Each brand is rated with a green star which represents how environmentally friendly they are, five stars being the best and no stars meaning they are basically egregous polluters.  

Charles gave me the presentation and I fell in love with the concept.  Its a game changer.  Meaning its concept is so simple and user friendly that it can have an immediate effect on the global warming front.  Charles thought Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor and environmental activist, would be the an asset giving the project a face and a voice.  I had the two meet over brunch.  Leo brought his mother, Irmalin, who is the president of his foundation.  

The meeting went beyond everyone’s expectations and Leo added more than just his name but I believe if that if everyone can stay focused and commit the time to the agenda laid out at that meeting Green Star will soon be a omni present as google…

Paris Fashion Week

Yes I’m in Paris for Fashion Week.  I set up a production called “NYC vs.” (Paris).  I invited the several of NYC premier night life venues, Bijoux, Tenjune, Mr.West, and Pink Elephant, to host individual nights at L’Eclaireur- 10 rue Boissy D’anglais, a lovely venue in Place Concorde, Paris.  Rocco Ancorolla (Pink Elephant), Unik Ernest and Dimitri Hyacinthe (Bijoux) and DJ Jus Ske (Mr.West) all pitched in there efforts in support of the first time event.

An international clientele including models, the fashion crowd, Paris Societe, owners and promoters from Paris and South of  France came by to party and play.  The talk is all about doing it again next season.  

I love Paris!  The city is visually beautiful.  The architecture, the food, the lights of the Eiffel Tower- a beautiful rich royal blue, the women of fashion week and the absolute fun.  Its the way business should be. By the way there is a lot sex going on here.  There is a serious don’t ask don’t tell policy.  Its crazy!!! you can hear the energy crackling if you listen closely. 🙂



After miracuosly turning around Cipriani upstairs and putting it back on the map Giuseppe Cipriani and I have parted ways.  I don’t know what that means for Cipriani Halloween.  I’ll have an update on the new venue for Halloween and two future projects that I have upon returning to New York.