Rising Star Spotlight: Ryan Leslie

My Protege Charles Warden is at it again: Get em Chuck!

Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie

If you haven’t yet heard of Ryan Leslie by name I’m sure you have heard his music he has produced for some of music’s biggest star’s such as  Beyoncé, Britney Spears, User and Diddy. Now Leslie has decided to step from behind the scenes and into the spotlight. Leslie is scheduled to release his self entitled album this fall, his first effort with Universal was shelved due to the singles performing poorly in the US, however it was released in Europe on November 1, 2005.

Leslie grew up all over the western United States moving frequently as his parents were ministers in The Salvation Army. While attending public school in Stockton, California at age 14 he found out his parents were moving once again. Rather than having to attend a fifth school, he decided to finish his junior year and then enroll in college. Leslie attended Harvard University in the fall of 1994 at 15 years old and graduated at the age of 19 with a degree in Government and Economics.

Leslie now has his own marketing and media company called Next Selection his first artist is



 Cassie who has a joint venture with NextSelection/Bad Boy/Atlantic Records. Leslie also produced the hit single for Cassie “Me & You” Be sure to check out his website Ryan Leslie






Here are Leslie’s two new singles..

Diamond Girl co-starring supermodel Irina Sheik

The making of “Addiction” this video is incredible by the way..

Addiction Remix featuring Fabolous & Cassie


Fashion Week & Still Recovering… OUCH!

Fashion Week

Fashion Week started out as a tropical depression and soon escalated into a category 4 hurricane.  A deluge of shows, events and parties poured down on this city, its inhabitants and visitors drowning some of us while others fled to the safety of their favorite haunts or low keys hideouts secretly wanting to challenge the onslaught of the storm that is Fashion Week and ride it out doing as much as they can.  

I for one opted for the challenge and fought on through.  Only to pay the price of a two day hangover and a lose of 8% body mass.  The lack of sleep and juggling of work, fashion and fun caught up to me late Friday night (actually early Saturday morning).  After an amazing dinner and party at Cipriani we ran over to Rose Bar then to 1OAK (Richie’s week early Bday party) and finally to a friends loft in Soho and then back to my place with friends- OUCH!!!

Note:  I am intentionally omitting names from this posting to protect the innocent as well as try and retain some dignity for myself.  Instead I opt for a list of names and days with pictures.  The details are just inappropriate to share.  Until I recover my senses I’d rather refrain from the inside stuff. *end note*

After two straight weeks of chasing, drinking, fashion shows, parties, more chasing, drinking and smoking, late nights conversations that tended to last too long, work, dinner, work, dinner, and parenting I hit the wall.  Yo ye who haveth no control over thy vices. 

Okay.  Thats my confession.  I promise I’ll fill in some of the blanks over the next few days.  I have more than a few comments to make regarding the state of the economy, politics, sexism, race relations, models, Paris Fashion Week plans, Hallowen and the need for a synonym for the word “change”.  Stay tuned…

Let The Games Begin

Cipriani Upstairs

Leo Dicaprio

Thursday night’s Fall re-opening was amazing!  I had a hot little crew with me Dovile Virsilaite her best friend Kirsten and Russian model Guzel.  Dovile and Kirsten joined me Upstairs after dinner and we got crazy.  My associate “Slim” rolled in with Nima Yamini and the took over a swath of the room with eight or nine models.  I honestly couldn’t tell you who else was there.  But a thank you to all that came to help celebrate- including Damon Dash, who holds meetings outside of Cipriani on an almost daily bases, hyped about his new #1 single.  

Friday I was hurting with dehydration and laryngitis. We had a good night but I wasn’t up for a big night so i was home by 2 a.m.  Saturday was another stunner.  Models from IMG, Click, Women, NY Models and One Model Management.  It was the last night before the castings got serious on Monday and it was evident in the way everyone was getting their party on.  I asked DJ Sinatra to play, I might make him DJ for the night, I was literally hanging from the rafters.  No, I was. Really.  It was a very sexy evening.

Sunday Karaoke

Dylan McDermott

I’m only human so I had no voice, my normal DJ was still out of town, I got yelled at by Sabrina (Huls) and i knew the night would be busy but short on the extremely beautiful women I’m used to.  The night was saved by another one of my associates Adis Gutic.  He walks in what would become hotness after a few cocktails and joined by more fun young ladies later.  

After the drinks settled into me, and me in the room on a whole, the night’s energy just elevated like Michael (Jordan) in his prime.  Dylan McDermott sat comfortable enjoying the less than amateur stylings of anyone daring enough to grab a microphone for better than half the night only to be replaced by Leo (DiCaprio) who showed up with Danny A and Isaac Gindi just back from helping Noah Tepperberg launch Lavo in Las Vegas.  I was expecting producer/singer/song writer Ryan Leslie but he sent a late message putting off  getting together.


I’m predicting a big week.



I’m not certain what makes a candidate qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America outside of the constitutional requirements.  The Republican Presidential ticket just made America seem just a little more crazy to more than two thirds of America, mom’s and dad’s, students and academia, politicians and pundit’s, Wall Street to mean street.  I literally overheard some homeboys what seemed to be construction workers smoking outside at Houston and Lafayette (NYC) say “Have you seen the VP chick with McCain? She’s hot as hell with the glasses and body”.  They all laugh then the same guy posses the question “she’s hot but to get my vote their bringing out hot chicks?” He was talking about Sarah Palin.


Sarah Palin

I don’t take issue with the seemingly sexist stuff, I speak macho.  It was the the lead in to something that has shocked everyone including McCain supporters and makes us all feel a little more uncertain because we don’t know her.  Please.  Please.  I understand the maverick in McCain.  I get the fact that there is a real McCain and this is a judgement call and is more of a look into his mind set on decision making.  She’s an outsider, a staunch conservative, pro-lifer, “corruption fighting” hockey mom.  She’s outside the box and is full of personality and very charming.  Joe Biden needs to be very careful with Palin.  She is wily and sophisticated in this campaign of low expectations.  

On the flip side she is a small town, small community, local politics, “our oil” as an alternative energy policy, creationismist, who lacks a working knowledge in areas that seriously need help in the economy or internationally now.  She is a hail marry choice that may excite the evangelicals and hopefully steer some independent voters and steal the spot light away from Obama and the Democrats after four nights of laser attacks on the McCain and the Republicans.  

Palin gets and may bring home the regular Americans.  The working class may tune into the candor of her vinacular, “Alaska’s first dude,” referring to her husband and her suggestion that Obama should have picked Hilary Clinton.  McCain is trying to make up for the out of touch “I don’t know how many houses I have” by choosing a seemingly everyday Blue Collar American Governor and oh yeah, she’s a woman. 

There will be some holes in the choice.  That’s just what happens.  She’ll have to get her campaign legs and they Palin and McCain have to get to know each other- they’ve only met once before she was chosen.  There will be a news blackout about the choice.  Lets make sure we stay dialed in on what we need as a counrty and where we’re going.  

The Republicans may get a pass if, and only if, the convention is literally drowned out by the potential of a major hurricane in the Gulf Coast (Hurricane Gustav).  OK, that’s out of my system.