Rising Star Spotlight: Lucile Puton

Rising star (noun): a person or thing that is growing quickly in popularity or importance in a particular field.

Occasionally I will be blogging about up and coming people in fashion, music, modeling, art and etc.

For my first entry I’ll be introducing you to Lucile Puton hopefully this won’t be the last you hear about her..

Lucile Puton

Lucile Puton


After studying fashion in Paris, Lucile Puton entered in the  famous school of La Cambre in Brussels in 2004. She is now in her last year and preparing her final show before getting into the fashion industry. Since the beginning of her studies , Lucile show a special interest in men’s wear. Here is how she describes her own creations:

“My man needed something else, little part of fantasy in his ordinary life, little part of dream that could turn his every day’s landscape into a game of shapes, graphics, lines, perspectives…”

Meanwhile, she also learn a lot from her experiences working for designers such as Kris Van Asche (now Artistic Director of Dior Homme) and Alexander McQueen.

She is now working in New-York for few months discovering American fashion at Thom Browne and Obedient Sons and Daughters. Feel free to contact Lucile at lucileputon@hotmail.fr

Take a look at some of her designs in the gallery…

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August – UGGGHHH!


Week In Review

My apologies for the lack of entries over the last 2 weeks.  But, I’m back.  The summer has flown bye. I have had plenty of opportunity to go away but the timing has been all wrong. So I’ve roamed the city and headed out to the Hamptons a few times.  So what’s been going on?  Well a little bit of everything.  Where do I start?

AJ Calloway

AJ Calloway

Fashion Week is fast approaching and everyone’s starting to come back so we’re opening Upstairs at Cipriani early.  The date is this Thursday, August 28th, play throughout the weekend with Karaoke this Sunday and get crazy all of next week.  I’ve been going to everyone else’s places but they seem to just be a stop on the way home.  I don’t know why but its true.  BIASED BUT TRUE… 


Anyway, I was with AJ Calloway, current Entertainment Tonight reporter and former BET & Entertainment Tonight host, he said he’s going to run the marathon for Charity.  I told him that that would be impressive.  Same night I run into Noah Tepperberg and he invited me to LAVO restaurant/bathhouse/nightclub on the September 13th, crew from TAO, will be launching at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. Happy Birthday to Suzie Sugerman Code Model Management and Kara Searle. That’s the gossip.  

Noah Tepperberg

Noah Tepperberg



The USA Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams won the gold medal and I couldn’t be prouder or happier.  The Olympics is such a fantastic time and it evokes such a range of emotions.  I felt the anxiety before each race or dive or exercise.  Women’s Beach Volleyball and Volleyball, in case you missed it, was a thriller!!!  And the with all of these wins I threw my hands in the air as if I’d won.  Michael Phelps, aka Superman, and his spectacular super human feats under the spot lights of the world stage and repeatedly stunned the world with not only victories but new world records.  The men’s and women’s gymnastic teams, both struggled, but incredible individual performances.  The Olympics was the best reality show ever.  It had drama, humor, displayed talent and got personal with the athletes.  

The joy and the heartbreak of the USA track team was pure prime time.  The USA needs to revisit and rededicate itself to perfection if not competitiveness.  It was a showing but not the one of dominance that we are used to.  I was in shock.  But I couldn’t be more impressed  with the Jamaican team.  With grace and ease they coasted to victory in the 100 and 200 meter sprints and all I could say, mouth agape, was wow!!!  And that pretty much sums up the Beijing Summer Olympics: WOW!!!


USA Track Team 400M sweep

USA Track Team 400M sweep



I fully focused on Fashion Week, both here and in Paris, but Halloween is coming…  Last year was great! This year will be amazing!  I’m only in town now because I’m working on Halloween.  If you were at Cipriani 42nd Street last year for Halloween you know I don’t have to tell you.  But I can say be prepared for even better.  You’ve been warned.  

Model Talk

Fashion Week is coming. That means everyone will be looking their best and some their weirdest.  The girls are already starting to stream back into town.  Happy days!!!  It seems like there is a whole new batch of women who are poised to take the lead as the new faces of Fashion lets hope it will be interesting.  I only hope that this coming Fashion Week is more exciting then last season.  I’m geared up to see NYC alive with the energy that the shows bring. Liza Golden


Joe Biden

The announcements of the Vice Presidential candidates is coming this week and early next week. I’ve decided on who I’m voting for and I don’t think I need anymore media input to decide. It is more of a presidential ticket these days.  It was all about the commander and chief.  He called the shots and had a supporting cast.  Today, with the help of a weak President and a strong Vice President, I think it is more of a partnership.  There are real duties and responsibilities for the VP and rightly so.  There are a lot a difficulties that we face and, as it is with raising children, “it takes a village”. Meaning it takes everyone, a team, to succeed.  

I wont get into how much the election has turned to the dark-side from one candidate.  I will get more into it as the date comes closer.  Lets see what the Conventions, the Democratic and soon after the Republican, hold for us and reserve judgements.  Hello and welcome Joe Biden.

Michelle Obama gave a moving speech in her address to the Democratic Convention.  I mean she had attendees in tears and me close to it.  It was an uplifting speech that was probably a little to close to home for some.  She spoke about the reality of everything about us in America not just the 2 coasts and the unreality and fantasy that we sometimes immerse ourselves in.  

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

The truth is we need to really take stock of ourselves as a country.  I don’t want to get corny or cheesy or preachy but things are going to be tough and I want a pragmatist and a realist to tell us things are going to get better and show me a plan to get to better days.  We can’t take more of business as usual.  The whole world can’t.  Every country is waking up to the new realities of the world we have to as well.  

Investment in infrastructure of our country, a new energy policy, focus on how to be more competitive as a nation in industries that help Americans, investment in innovation and more than a look at preventive health-care and get some kind of oversight into critical industries so we prevent the crisis like we currently going through in banking and finance, housing, energy and health care.  Don’t even let me get into our social crisis… 

I live a fantasy and I enjoy it.  I work hard and as I grow older I am increasingly concerned about the state of our union and our position and image in the world.  I actually expect my government to care and handle these things and actually work for me.  Who would have thought government, the deficit and energy prices would all grow exponentially under the Republican’s watch?

War/ Nightlife Craziness/ The Olympics- Incredible!


I have to start with politics. I woke up a couple days ago and repeated my same routine turn on the computer then the TV.  Tune to the news head to the kitchen to fill the tea pot pausing to decide between tea and coffee (coffee) then back to the computer.  What the hell do I read on Yahoo?  Russia invades Georgia???  It was like reading something from the Cold War Era.  

I squinted, frowned and thought maybe the heading had something to do with the Olympics.  How is it possible that after seeing the grievous errors in approach, mentality and miscalculation of world opinion, that the Bush administration made, in the lead up and prosecution of the “Iraq War” could the Russian government attack and invade Georgia?  

This cold war mentality of hegemony within spheres of influence and colonialism is what is ultimately the down fall of all great nations- China is not exempt with its religious persecution.  Is this about nationalism or men needing to show might?  It seems that the last two great nations feel as if they need to promote war to maintain relevance.  It’s pathetic…
Russia’s Cold War Metality


Cipriani Upstairs


First, in case no one told you, Cipriani Upstairs is re-opening Thursday August 28th.  If we weren’t closed for August we would have had the after party Rodrigo Santoro‘s new film Che with Benicio del Toro.  Rodrigo is friends with Gerry Butler.  I met up with them at Bijou on Friday night after dinner at Cipriani Downtown with friends and headed to make the rounds since we are closed upstairs.   


Rodrigo Santoro

Rodrigo Santoro

At Bijou we run into a few NY Models outside on the sidewalk I stop to say hello to one of them, Janaina Reis (brazilian), and head inside.  Its a pretty night the place is really cute.  We sit with one of the owners, Unik, and settle in.  He’s sitting next to Next model Carime Lobo, also Brazilian and gorgeous.  



Gerry introduces me to Rodrigo who is out with the speech coach for Che and describes him as amazing.  Rodrigo is big on karaoke and we both are just a little eager to show off the vocals.  We chill at bijou for a little longer then head to 1Oak.  It seems like the crowd has followed and the place is already pretty good.  


Well apparently somewhere along the line caught a buzz and was happy to be at Ronnie Madra’s table because it gave us a place to chill and have friends, existing and new, to come and play.  Being there reminded me that DJ Jus Ske had informed me that he was no longer with Mark Ronson’s label and was now with DJ AM‘s management.  Jus is talented.  He worked the Cipriani Halloween party for me last year and he was incredible.  I never knew he had a Euro House set.  

The Olympics

NBC has actually made the Olympics interesting.  The competition is great… Can you say Michael Phelps!  Women’s beach Volley Ball, all of the swimming events, men’s and women’s gymnastics…  I swear I’ve been riveted!  Men’s Basket Ball again Tuesday???  I’ve got chills just thinking about it.  

The coverage is balanced and shows the competitive nature of the games and they discuss the weaknesses of the American teams.  The honesty of the commentators shows the commitment and drive of each athlete and have added to the drama.  I found myself cheering with Michael Phelps and his teammates as the won the 4×100 Freestyle and the incredible finish by Jason Lezak in the last leg.  I jumped up and flexed and screamed with the boys. Teammate’s Fingertip Touch Gives Phelps’s Bid a Big Hand

Garrett Weber-Gal & Michael Phelps

Garrett Weber-Gal & Michael Phelps



Gymnastics was beyond phenomenal.  Impressive team effort with nothing to lose and everything to gain on arguably the great stage.  yes we just missed the silver with a few faults on the  pummel horse but we weren’t even expected to place.  I forget how young and proud the Olympics makes you feel.  And proud, yes proud, to be an American. 

To the credit of the Chinese they have put on a fantastic opening ceremony and have been fantastic hosts and competitors.  Their men’s gymnastic team owned the competition.  They were in a class above all and made it look easy.  

The commercials haven’t been to bad either.

Paris Hilton, Gerry Butler, Italian Vogue “The Black Issue”

Well I got a couple calls from Copenhagen.  Apparently its fashion week over there.  My source tells me the city looks beautiful from her top floor hotel suite.  I’m sure the people are equally as wonderful.  I find that the Swedish people I now are wonderful on the inside and out and are very friendly.  

Cipriani Upstairs


Chris Noth

My apologies for taking so long to write.  As I said in my last entry Monday was the beginning of a summer break so to speak, Cipriani is closed until September 2, and let me tell you we stayed until late singing and drinking and being complete and utter drunk fools.  It was beautiful.  I can’t say it was the best night “Mr. Big,”Chris North, was chilling and waiting for a Doors song “any Doors’ song”.  


I honestly can’t remember anyone else being there except for the regular hotness, although a little on the light side. My ex, Sabrina Huls, was in the house Margaret Peppey , Abby Brothers and Danielle Leonel, a bunch of others, sorry long night.  I asked Gerry Butler to come but didn’t hear back from him- more on that later. 

I sang until I couldn’t anymore kissed and hugged all of the staff, everyone is amazing, and left to go home… I think.  

Duca Sartoria

I’m just recovering all of my senses today.  I’ve had an interesting day.  I picked up another suit from Duca Sartoria Atelier.  A 130 pound cotton blue suit tailored to me with beautiful details… Their work is by far the some of the best specialty tailoring that there is in NY, London, Italy…  I always leave the office extremely happy.  If you have your suits and shirts tailor made then you know the feeling I’m referring to.  Extreme personal satisfaction and gratification.  So, with a smile on my face and my suit in a garment bag I head to Downtown Cipriani for a meeting with a new client .

Cipriani Halloween

My cell phone is often glued to my ear.  Today all day I’m working on following up with Bentley and General Motors for an up coming event and on with three different publicists looking for the right designer to associate with for the annual Cipriani Halloween Gala at Cipriani 42nd St.  Last year it was Roberto Cavalli and I tell you honestly it was the party of the year.  The production was amazing.  I had Eve, the rapper perform, dancers from the ceiling, three international DJs, a private invite only dinner, open bar all night, ice sculptures, lasers and a virtual who’s who of celebrities hosted by Petra Nemcova and the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson.  I’ve got a video of the event on my web page with limited photos http://www.gtimc.com  (only because the site isn’t fully completed).

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova



Downtown Cipriani

I’m on Houston and West Broadway and decide to walk from there because its a gorgeous day out.  I run into my associate “Slim” waiting outside of Starbucks.  He’s waiting on some friends inside.  When they come out Nima Yamini, a collegue of Slim’s tells me Gerry Butler is at Cipriani.  I tell him Gerry is a friend and ask him if he wants to meet him.  He says “yes” with a smile and we all walk over.  

As we get closer To Cipriani there are paparazzi staked outed across the street so I know Gerry is there.  We cross and I see him back turned to the street making a call in front of the Hilfiger store.  My buddy Jamison Ernest is is chilling at a table i walk up and say hello.  Jamison is the designer for Yellow Fever, a budding musician, a hustler and a pretty descent guy.  Of course I have to ask him about Halloween and pick his brain about designers and we agree he’ll speak to Marc Jacobs and we’ll get back to each other. 

Gerry’s off the phone and we we get down to why he didn’t come on Sunday.  Apparently he wasn’t allowed.  He tells me he had to ask for permission, “honey would you mine if I went down to sing karaoke for about an hour and a half with my bud and some hot models?” Its hysterical listening when  he tells the story.  He got the crazy accent and he’s laugh smiling.  So we get a kick out of it and I ask him if he minds meeting a fan.  He’s asks if its a girl and we laugh again.  

Its like celebrity central at lunch.  Damon Dash is there (again).  Shortly there after he’s joined by the rapper Lupe.  Jeff Gordon and wife Ingrid Vandebosch show up hand shakes all around.  I have a meeting with a client and she is completely bewildered by the amount people who say hello and impressed by the celebrity presence and all I can think is I’m on vacation.  But I’m not so sure…



I have no dog in this race.  But pains me more than anything to see how short America’s attention span is and how we are so stressed out that we need  Paris Hilton to break down the reality of the  what America needs to do to fix the energy crisis.  How did we even get here? 

Mass distraction!  Everyone is Obama-ed out (Obama overkill) and McCain’s mud slinging, because he couldn’t get media attention any other way (he’s been boring), seems, dare I say it, funny?  

We need a break from the sermons that it seems Obama gives and we are completely bored by McCain so any since of competition, on whatever level seems like movement.  Wake up America let’s not get so crazy that we forget to take our medicine and make decisions based on positions not personal attacks or personality.  Who cares about crowds or commercials?  Please people make an educated decision! 


Hats of to Italian Vogue and photographer Steven Meisel.  Italian Vogue has broken one of the fashion world’s taboos by featuring only black models in its July issue. The pictures by New-York based Steven Meisel, one of the most successful photographers in the industry, fill about 100 pages of the magazine, and are accompanied by features on black women in the arts and entertainment.

The absence of black models on the covers of fashion magazines has long been a complaint inside the industry. The justification frequently given is that such covers “do not sell”.


Italia Vogue

Italia Vogue

Leading black figures among models, designers and agents claim that the business has grown increasingly discriminatory, with levels of exposure for black women among the lowest since the 1960s. Several big names have formed a protest group in New York to highlight the problem.

Italian Vogue’s editor, Franca Sozzani, said her decision was influenced by the New York group, as well as by Barack Obama’s success in the US presidential primaries.

Meisel, who worked with Madonna on her controversial coffee-table book, Sex, brought several of the black fashion world’s big names aboard for the issue. He photographed Naomi Campbell, Iman, Tyra Banks, Liya Kebede, Jourdan Dunn, Alek Wek and Pat Cleveland, among others.

“I thought, it’s ridiculous, this discrimination. It’s so crazy to live in such a narrow, narrow place. Age, weight, sexuality, race – every kind of prejudice,” he told the New York Times. He blamed designers, magazine editors and advertisers for the decline in the numbers of black women in fashion shows. “I have asked my advertising clients so many times, ‘Can we use a black girl?’ They say no.”

Among the black models on his roster was the full-figured Toccara Jones. Meisel argued that weight was also an issue in the fashion world.

Italian Vogue’s all-black issue is unlikely to be emulated by its US sister magazine, however. As a gesture, American Vogue will this month run an article about the lack of black models. -Italian Vogue has broken one of the fashion world’s taboos by featuring only black models in its July issue. The pictures by New-York based Steven Meisel, one of the most successful photographers in the industry, fill about 100 pages of the magazine, and are accompanied by features on black women in the arts and entertainment.

 – , The Guardian

NOTE: The “Black Issue” issue is the highest sold publication in the magazine’s history.

Just a Regular Thursday and Friday In NYC

Cipriani Upstairs

Cipriani Upstairs will close for its usual August revamp and renovation.  August is definitely time to head out of dodge.  “Anywhere but here” is the expression that comes to mind.  I meant to go to Capri on the 19th and then boat down to Sicily.  But honestly my plans are so late into the month that I don’t have the desire to go.  Things start up again in New York in late August and Fashion Week in the beginning of September.  Pania Rose

Model Talk

Cipriani Karaoke this Sunday is going to be crazy.  Its usually good early and great late.  But this past Thursday was a treat with a posse of models that came my associate “Slim”. Sports Illistrated’s model Pania Rose was the headliner on a night where beautiful, sexy and fun were the prerequisites.  The rest of the line up included sexy South African Charlbi Dean, the hot and constantly dancing russian Elena Maximova, the show stopping Fabienne Vanderhaeghen, and the american bombshell Ashley Brock.  

The only thing that threatened to ruin the fun was some loser who made up a story about being a photographer and kept trying to get Charlbi’s telephone numbers.  He couldn’t be cool and just chat… No he had to be aggressive and start trouble.  So I had him thrown out.  No one so much as batted an eye lash and the party continued.    Click Here For Pania Rose SI Shoot


I have to mention a friend that I haven’t seen since she split up with her ex-boyfriend.  Kara Searle, a very cute aussie, popped her sexy little head up out of the sand and it was a pleasure agruing with her again.  


Scott Lipps

Scott Lipps

It was Scott Lipps’ birthdy last night.  He had a get together at a friends loft and roof deck.  I had to skip it my ex, Ford model Sabrina Huls, was heading out for a night on the town starting there and its best to let her have fun considering I’m out every night as it is.  But the buzz around town was all about his birthday party.


Scott owns 1 Model Management and has a rock band, Mars (Michael H, Scott Lipps, Rob Hoffman and Tommy USA) and is pretty much an all around good guy with a good amount of depth in his character- no I’m not gay… not that there’s anything wrong with it…  I’m sure it was great fun considering everyone was going.   Click Here For 1 Model Management


Week In Review

Gerry Butler is in town.  You know lead actor in 300P.S. I Love You and also lead actor in Guy Ritche’s new film RocknRolla.  How do I know?  Well, I’m headed home after a great night out. As I’m getting into the car two girlfriends Betina and Patrice stop me and we gab.  They Have that look.  Yeah that look too many drinks and ready to play.  So I suggest a plan and after two seductive smooches they say they are “going that way,” whatever that means.  I never give up so I hop in the car to grab them and catch up to them on the next corner lean out the window like so High School pup and ask them where there going.  

I noticed two guys with bags just looking normal then I realize one of them is Gerry.  Gerry and I met a couple years ago at Bungalow 8 with Amy Sacco and I said I heard he was up for the new James Bond role.  We hit it off and I hadn’t seen him until mutual friend Joe Dowdel brought him up to Cipriani Upstairs one night.  Joe is a personal trainer with his own gym, Peek Performance, and two books out- also a former model.  Any, we hit it off that night and have remained friends since.

Anyway, after he and I hug and talk a little macho crap I give in, as if I had a choice, and they’re all off together.  I’m sure to grab a bite and call it a night.  Without me.  Bastards!!!



Fresh Brewed

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read Fresh Brewed and review the web-site http://www.gtimc.com.  Your comments have been helpful and the response tremendous.   




The new hot track in music, a couple weeks old actually, and mst definitely fun is Katy Perry’s I kissed a girl.  I just love the lyrics.  I think they could and do apply to everyone (the “I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it” lyrics are interchangeable with girlfriend).