Charmed Life

Diddy’s Concept




I went to a meeting with Tim Martin at Martin Cadillac to discuss some future projects and what does owner Matt Taylor tell me?  GM has a deal with Diddy to develop a concept vehicle.  Now that’s a good idea regarding a new marketing strategy.  As we discuss the merits of the idea a secretary comes in and says they delivered the new vehicle.  It’s a black on black Cadillac Escalade with a 32″ pop-up flat screen, reclining seats, a full bar in the front console, internet connections and computer links to the flat screen.  It was PIMP!!! 


On Tuesday I had dinner at Megu with owner Hiro Nishida.  We were discussing his plans to open M Lounge.  I have to say Megu is the perfect Japanese restaurant.  The food, ambiance, decor and service are exactly what you want when dinning.   Also check out the one uptown in Trump World Tower very sexy!  



I headed out with my dinner guests to Cipriani Upstairs where we run into rapper Jim Jones and Damon Dash.  You may recall I highlighted Jim Jones’ We Fly High a couple days back.  Do rapper’s have the life?  Mr. Jones is iced up (wearing diamonds) with two thick braclettes chilling with jeans and a t-shirt in front of his Ferrari Novitec Tu Nero 430.  I’m wearing a fresh look of three very attractive ladies and he says ” I like the way you roll.  I’m feeling the look.”  I do the introductions and we’re off up the stairs.   Its early and the room in half full.  Within 20 minutes the place is packed.  


Wednesday night I had dinner at Cipriani.  A great group of people including the very beautiful Carol Lago.  We begin playing catch up, I haven’t seen her in a while.  Foods great and the company is perfect.  Sting and his wife Trudie Styler are celebrating there daughter, Coco‘s, birthday with about 15 guests and dinning room is packed. 




My table’s conversation shifts to politics and the presidential election.  One of my guests is actor/model/writer Tyler Johnson.  Tyler’s career is slowly taking off as an actor but his passion is writing.  He’s currently working on a non-fiction novel on the election.  We get into a somewhat deep conversation discussing the “straight talk express” John McCain vs the new Flip Flop John McCain.  He made some some insightful remarks regarding the election and what he sees as an interesting time in history.  He said, “America needs a visionary” and that he likes Barak Obama’s health care plan.  But, he said, he doesn’t have a pony in the race and is waiting to see how the election process is going to play out.  I brought up Hilary Clinton and the conversation quickly turned to institutional sexism and institutional racism.  It was refreshing to see everyone at the table was quick to interject their perspective and made for the beginning of a lovely evening.


Cipriani Upstairs

The night was full of beautiful women.  A girl friend of mine,  Irina Krupnik, is having her birthday party and its 10 veryvery  attractive women.  I’m with 3 more and the room starts to fill in with at least 20 more models.  Sting’s group takes over two large tables and and various friends are at tables in the front and back.  Then John Legend comes in to join a group of my friends at the next table.  He’s singing to the music and people are people partying.  

Sting comes over and starts rubbing my head and says “great head”.  I start rubbing his chest and say, “great soul”.  We start laughing and he say ” there aren’t too many of us left”.  We laugh in agreement everyone’s having a great time until about 2a.m.  At which point I think everyone has had at least 8 shots maybe more.  I lose track of time Grab Carol and head to 1oak.  30 minutes there and I’ve had enough for the night- it was probably more than that but I think think that 8 shots were more like 15 because I got in at 4:30.



Surf Lodge – Hamptons


I went out East this past weekend.  I went through the process of getting a car from Hertz, with GPS of course -they call it never lost, headed out east early early Saturday morning.  I stayed in East Hampton on the North Shore where its easy to get lost and drive in circles.  The occasion, because I need one these days, was a friend’s Birthday party and yes she’s hot! 

Saturday was gorgeous.  The perfect weather, sunny and cool.  Laid out by the pool and soaked up some rays waiting for a car load of mannequins to arrive.  Got the Pool and Jacuzzi ready and headed to the store to stock up on libations and nibbles.  This should be called pool time.  Its like the coffee room at the office where people gather and mingle in a semi work atmosphere except your having a cocktail and wearing next to nothing.  

Next, its off to Montauk for the beach.  Boy has Montauk changed.  Its no longer the ghost town with east coast beach bums.  It has even more of a beach town feel and less of the “hey I’m check out my Ferrari” attitude.  We hit the beach mid day, 4 p.m., spread out a blanket and I passed out to the sounds of the live band performing at the nearby restaurant, kids laughter and the waves crashing.  It was heaven.

Surf Lodge

So my buddy Jaf Glazer has arranged the birthday dinner is at 9:30 at the Surf Lodge.  Surf Lodge is new venture from the Cain, NYC 27th Street,  team in Montauk.  Of course everyone is late and the table is gone.  Its OK though.  The Surf Lodge is a comfy beach restaurant/bar.  It has indoor and outdoor seating for food and drinks.  The crowd is a pleasant mix of thirty somethings, and maybe just a bit younger, movers and shakers.  Everyone you’d be mostly happy to see or wouldn’t mind running into.  The restaurant seats 80, forty indoors and forty outside.  The menu is a perfect mix of seafood and beach grub balanced with a terrific selection of salads and starters.   It’s about 10:30 and the chef, Sam Talbot, a tall slinder man, with dark hair and tattoos in his late twenties is greeting patrons and taking in compliments. 


I’m seating with Kenny Goldie, one of the investors and a good friend of Jaf.  He is gracious enough to order a selection of appetizers and everyone orders separate entrees.  I was pleasantly blown away by the flavors of the dishes and the speed at which everything came out.  I tried everything…  The dishes have a cajun spice and are prepared in a southern style.   I had the lobster club as an entree. This thing is big enough to feed two and I’m not sharing.  If it were a movie I would give it two thumbs up.  Its moderately priced and vibe is a welcome change of pass from more traditional restaurants.  And by the way the bartenders pour to get you drunk so make sure someone is designated driver.


Cipriani Upstairs

Sunday can best be described as wet.  It was sunny until just before 1 p.m. and then the skies opened up with thunder, lightening and rain rain rain…  It was surreal.  Spent the day in bed with trips back and forth to the kitchen with stops in the living room for a quick chat with anyone hanging out.  

Headed back to NYC to grab a microphone and sing for Karaoke. Cipriani has the absolute best karaoke night on Sundays (biased but true).  I am an admitted karaoke whore.  That just means i can and will sing humility be damned.  Anyway, I’ve been practicing my James Blunt Beautiful for two weeks and finally I’m ready to give it a shot.  


The room has the usual bevy of beautiful models and fills quickly with more then the actor Denis Haysbert (David Palmer, 24) roles in followed shortly thereafter by none other than James Blunt and crew.  Great!  The night starts off tight but quickly becomes a party and I’m singing Superstar by Lupe.  

Time goes by James Blunt is sitting next to me with my boy James from The BOX, the British grouping together, and I say, “listen I’ve been practicing Beautiful all week”  he cuts me off and say go for it.  A couple songs later the lyrics go up and the entire place rushes to the back to see and listen to him sing.  They aren’t disappointed by the tunes they just can’t figure out why it sounds so good but James isn’t singing.  That’s right folks I’m that good… Ask Mickey Rourke he was cheering me on. Actress/Model/DJ Eve Salvail is back in town. She is a rock star!  The woman can sing. She belted out a couple of hits including her favorite What’s Going On by 4 Non Blondes.  The place rocked!  Fun, drinks and pasta was had by all.

Eve Savail

Eve Savail



Working- Things To Come/Hurry Up & Wait

I’m working on Cipriani Halloween at 42nd Street for the last two months and it is a slow grind during the summer.  Its a big hurry up and wait scenario.  Its the summer and everything takes longer.  I’m waiting on the deck so I can begin to put together the right relationships.  Mean while I’m waiting or the Westminster Hotel in Paris to get back to about taking over Duke’s Bar, their very small but beautiful bar during Fall fashion week.  

Its always a rush to get things ready to get things ready.  Ultimately, you’re always waiting on something or someone before you can move the mountains that make things amazing.  Sorry, just personally venting some frustration over waiting…

Model Talk

Eniko Mihalki is a Hungarian model with Marilyn Model Management.  I saw her at Lilipond on Saturday night.  She’s full of personality.  She’s got a great smirk for a smile and is super tall and graceful.  Basically, she’s a keeper if you’re lucky enough to even be considered.  We set up a lunch date at Cipriani Downtown and she may join me for dinner at Megu later that night.  I wanna catch up on some dirt with her and her ex-man.  It’s also a good time to discuss maybe host an event in Paris with a few other up an coming models.  either way she’s one to watch.

Summer Time

Summer is wonderful!  Not the season but that’s not bad either.  Summer Raehm is the name of my personal trainer.  She comes to the house, by appointment, and gives me a stretch so my muscles can breath again.  I had a pretty bad case of tendinitis in my shoulders and was given a prescription for physical therapy.  Summer put together a short series of stretches that have given me back my flexability and range of motion.  She also happens to be a southern bell with steel blue eyes and perfect shape.  I recommend her for everyone who really has long stressful days and needs the extra attention.  Be ready though stretching can hurt and she takes her craft very seriously.    

Summer Raehm – personal trainer (706)495.3554

The Crystal of The Denim World- GQ Magazine

The Jean Shop 

Well I have a favorite belt, yes I’m blogging about a belt, I’ve had this belt since college and trust me that was many many years ago.  Anyway, The belt is worn in just right.  Its a dark brown heavy leather belt which has been worn to a point where the belt now looks light brown and weathered.  Its just beautiful and perfect.  The problem is its torn in the back and now my lovely belt needs a replacement. 

Click For Link

Click For Link

I was at the Apple store 14th street and walk the block for a cab and passed by the Jean Shop.  This place is amazing.  Jeans and jackets hang on the wall in all shades in leather and denim, belts and shoes in display everywhere.  They offer any style, color, wash, whatever you like in jeans.  



Side Note:  I have a guitar from the Cipriani Concert Series that has been signed 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Aretha Franklin, George Michael’s, Annie Lennox, Rhianna, Akon, and the Pussy Cat Dolls.  It was given to me for my help in soliciting Gibson as a sponsor.  

I have the guitar in its case and really can’t appreciate it.  So what do I see as I’m browsing is a leather strap the holding a guitar by its tuning dials over a hook cool as hell (you might be able to see it in the picture).  I ask how much it is and the sales person tells me to ask Eric.  I have no clue who Eric is so I ask this guy who comes walking over. 

“Eric,” I say the the sales guy like I’ve known him for years.  “No. Not Eric,” he says.  Then a large framed curly haired guy (actually, I went back today its straight black but looks curly) with a a disarming smile wearing an orange shirt comes through the room.  I try it again again “Eric!!!”  This time I’m good. 

Eric is the owner of this little denim oasis.  He is about as gentle and easy going as a person can be. Soft spoken and just easy like a beer buddy.  He’s not even trying to sell me anything. The place is full of every I ever wanted as jeans.  I asked him about the strap and he says “yeah, we don’t sell them.”  I’m ask if I can buy the one on display and he just gives it to me.  He takes a measure to make another one and brings me the strap.  

What I haven’t said is that we were chatting like friends from school and all along he was looking for a belt that he could distress to look like the belt I was wearing.  he pulls out a gorgeous belt and tells me to pick it up tomorrow.  

This place isn’t for those who don’t have financial flexibility.  The belt set me back $160.00 but its being made as a one of a kind just for me.  Just the way I want it. 

Jean Shop is located on : 435 West 14th St New York, NY 10014

Boeing Boeing

I haven’t been to a Broadway play in years.  The last one was Miss Saigon, which was amazing by the way.  It just seems so touristy and when do you go and who do you take?  Hell, who wants to go?  Concerts are almost always more fun.  

Last night I was treated to Boeing Boeing by a friend.  I am so not interested in going.  The play starts out with a lot of physical comedy and I have never been fond of this particular type of humor.  Boeing Boeing stars Christine Baranski, Mark Rylance, Bradley Whitford, Gina Gershon and Mary McCormack.  The play took off, no pun intended, like a jet and was entertaining and brilliantly acted.  One man, three women, a friend and a maid and its exactly what you’re thinking but it works and works well.  

Its a great way to break up the everyday routine of restaurants, bars and clubs.  



IMG is probably the worlds best modeling agency.  I whenever I’m out and there is a absolutely stunning young lady they are either from Marilyn Models or IMG.  Well last night I wasn’t disappointed.  After the play I headed down to the member’s club at Cipriani Downtown in Soho and I’m welcomed to the night with actress Tara Reid hitting me in the head with a slice of lime.  I love Tara. I’ve know her since she and Carson Daily dated and would come hangout at Halo a restaurant/bar/lounge I owned in the West Village She is playful, will chat, sing and dance and is just a lot of fun.  

Tara Reid

Tara Reid

Model Talk

During a break in the action and through the bevy of pretty people two very interesting young ladies stand out.  They are hanging out with on of my associates Matt Wilkins.  You know how some people just grab your attention and hold it well these to fit that mold.  They aren’t  dolled up but have the cool semi rocker semi model look going on.  

Of course yours truly has met one of them before a polish beauty, Stazia Niementowska, an unassuming very confident slender mannequin with a interesting look that draws you in.  She is with her friend Mak, short for Makenzie.  What can I say about Mac?  A sexy little Texan with a I’m the boss and a attitude.  She gives me a feeling that she’s ready to let lose but don’t touch- she may explode in Texas style bar fight.  A short conversation with both make the night. 


– The following are excerpts from Charles Warden. Charles is my assistant and a very talented young man.  And no he doesn’t deserve a raise.  He needs to finish his assigned tasks.  



I stumbled upon this video yesterday by Gnarls Barkley and thought it was absolutely amazing and had to share it with everyone immediately! Anyone who has ever been in love can relate to this I’m sure of it, when I first heard this song I immediately fell in love with it. You can almost hear the pain and dejectedness in Cee-lo’s voice.




Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami

I managed to catch the Takashi Murakami art exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum before it closed a couple weeks ago. The detail in his sculptures in particular were great I couldn’t imagine how long it would take him to actually complete one. Murakami large works of art are incredibly vibrant, he manages to include what seems like every color on the spectrum into each piece of work. Luckily I managed to capture a couple photo’s all the while being harassed by security.  

FYI, Murakami is responsible for arguably the most popular Louis Vuitton bag in history (Multi Color LV on white) as well as Kanye West latest album cover. Also in 2008, Murakami made Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list, and was the only visual artist to do so.  



We’ll keep blogging until the world gets it right!

Heath Ledger

Week In Review

I have had a ton of adventures the last few days. Almost all my exploits involved planning for the Fall and and hanging out with tall and beautiful women. I’m basically, burning my candle at both ends. But nothing affected me more than a movie. This is going to sound crazy but I was totally stunned into reality by Batman: The Dark Knight. Yes a movie.

Actually, I should say Heath Ledger’s performance floored me. This movie is dark. I mean dark!!! I loved it. Every actor and action is fantastic. But where Heath Ledger took the audience with his performance… He captured and held the audience to a point where I actually looked around the auditorium and people where literally holding their breath.

You felt his madness as the Joker. It was so authentic it touched you. It was scary and deep. It made me angry, excited, and pensive. What did he go through to get in touch with that part of himself. He wasn’t evil he was chaos. Uninhibited rage and strength and completely psychotic.

Heath Ledger as The Joker

Heath Ledger as The Joker

I don’t know how to explain it but this movie made a huge impact on me. It was amazing!!! But thats not it. The performance was a view in the pursuit of excellence. I don’t know what sacrifices he made or how hard he had to push his own limits to give this performance but he gave it all.

So I question: What does excellence, true excellence, require? Am I trying hard enough to fulfill my role? Doing what it takes? I am relentlentless. I love work but is my passion enough? Its really making me think.

I also think of the talent lost in what seems to be the senseless death of a young man with an an enormous future in his art. Heath Ledger was a talent. I can’t say that I’ve seen all of his work but what I have seen, over time, has been progressively better. Its a shame to have lost him and what he may have given us all. If nothing else he had courage and that’s a lesson I gladly take to heart.

Oh, and go see Batman: The Dark Knight!


I think the song of the week is definitely Cold Play’s Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. The CD is like the actor and his portrayal chaotic and beautiful. It has hope and fear and takes some real risks. If you listen I’m sure it’ll hit some nerves and fill you with an inner strength and optimism.

Cipriani – Model Talk

Thursday night about 12 midnight. I venture upstairs after having a quiet meal alone in the back corner of Cipriani Downtown in Soho. Had a great very productive day. I even had the chance to play hoops (I love basketball) I had a 20 min nap and headed into the the night.

So back to my story… I get upstairs and the place is beautiful. The music is right not Hip Hop or pounding House but something somewhere is the middle. Just comfortable. I say hello to people as I walk in and there is just an energy in the room. I have a shot of Patron Silver to loosen me up and jump in. I have several people that work for me and they are all in a comfort zone as well.

What made the night exceptional though was a group of blondes that came with Slim. Slim is one of my associates. He is tall, olive skinned with a shaved army cut hairstyle and charming to death- or so the ladies tell me. The women he’s with are five models from Marilyn Models. If you don’t know Marilyn Models is an modeling agency which originated in Paris as a Boutique agency for some of the worlds most beautiful women. They branched out to New York almost 10 years ago, give or take a year or two. Anyway, they all just came over from the Sephor 10 year anniversary party Ashanti and Natasha Bedingfield performed and are as happy as pie. We drink and dance like old school friends for the better part of two hours. I had an amazing relationship with Ford Model and love of my life, Sabrina Huls, for eight years. I miss her so maybe the blonde thing was probably me projecting (psychological term- you like?).

Regardless, They were beautiful and only a few of life’s more pleasant distractions that were there.

Made To Measure

The Grey Suit

I recently visited Max Girombelli, owner of Duca Sartoria,  a men’s atelier at 425 Madison Avenue 19fl. I was visiting for a fitting for a new grey suit. I was greeted by Max at the front door. He lead us through the atelier ante room which was filled with suits and jackets which were partially complete but needed a second fitting for quality assurance (a perfect fit).  


Max Girombelli

Max Girombelli

In the main room a beautiful leather seat and a table/desk. Fit suits, a variety of shirt collar samples, numerous booklets with swatches of fabrics for suits- fine to very fine wools and cottons- and options for jacket lining and buttons decorate the parameter. Max offers me a glass of red or white wine and directs me to the balcony.  The balcony is accessed through a window.  We step out and the view is beautiful, to set the relaxing mood- the wine helps.


Max is as charming an individual as Italy has to offer. Rugged good looks with dark hair, olive skin and a disarming smile. I am immediately at ease and the wine is fantastic.  

If you have never commissioned a suit let me say Max made the experience similar to a visit at a spa combined with an world renowned orchestra. With the second glass of wine poured we ventured on to the treatment. Max led me through the selection of styles French, English or Italian. Then on to collars, pockets, buttons, trim, lining, sleeve length, jacket length, number of buttons, the break in the lapel, stitching, and personal options including some specific to Duca Sartoria. Click Here For Site 

Max led me through the selections while effortlessly flowing into conversations which helped me relax and guided me through my personal decisions with what he found in my personality. We discussed shirts and “super boxers” (a must have). He moved books and sampled buttons, fabrics and the combinations like a seasoned conductor. I actually referred to him as the maestro several times during the process.  

I felt like royalty. 

Five weeks later I visited for a “final touches” fitting. Of course I was treated to more of the same Italian hospitality.  

I urge every man who can appreciate the need for a real suit; a suit tailored to your preferences and lifestyle to visit Duca Sartoria. You deserve better than off the rack at prices and quality levels that are laughable. Make an appointment. Its not a suit. Its your suit with your initials on it.

I had my suit delivered yesterday. My assistant walked in and said, “the perfect grey suit.  GQ just did a story on the perfect grey suit”. After a thorough examination says, “very nice”.

Weekend Round Up

Cipriani Upstairs

I am little off today. Mondays are always a bit sluggish.  Sunday Nights are Karaoke at Cipriani Downtown in the member’s club.  Russell Simmons, who has a great sense of humor, and I chatted up two sisters from North Carolina and the guy would not relent on the jokes.  Russell came with his long time friend David Rosenberg.  We are both shaved bald. David and I were sitting back to back Russell pushes our heads together  and asks “what does this look like?”  He answers, “black and white ass cheeks”.  

Hysterical?  No.  But its good to laugh at yourself sometimes.  That and the fact I’m younger and better looking than Russell ever was in his prime helps.

Topher Grace

Topher Grace


Singing is very liberating.  Karaoke at Cipriani is one of those times where everyone can let down their defenses and belt out a tune.  Yes, a lot of the time off key.  But at Cipriani everybody participates.  I’ve sang songs with Chris North and sang to Axel Rose (he never sings but is a ton of fun) and watched Naomi Cambell sing a very sexy solo.  



Last night Topher Grace took part in a chorus along with VS model Andi Musie, I think Karaoke host Francois Alexander was singing lead, on Jim Jones’ –We Fly HIgh.  Its like what you think New York is like from the movies.  Celebrities casually hanging out and beautiful models, black, white, and asian all just sharing in the surreal uninhibited energy.  




If you can’t tell by now I am a karaoke whore.  I must sing!!!  You had better believe I can belt out a tune.  I love sing to Maroon Five, U2, Jim Jones, Jay-Z…  Hell, play a song and I’ll sing it.  


Travel Plans

Summer is in full swing. The city has slowed to a manageable pace and people are talking about their travel plans.  Some folks are headed to St. Tropez this weekend others traveling in a few weeks to Ibiza.  My good friend Micheal Benisty, owner of the restaurant Vita in South Beach, is a prime example.  I see him at karaoke and the first thing he says is “are you coming to St. Torpez this weekend?  Damon (Dash) is having a party.  

I tell him I don’t have any plans yet but I want to head to Capri and take a boat down to Panarea.  Spend about ten days on the entire trip.  Now If only I can get the house and the boat organized everything will be perfect.  

This is the first summer that I haven’t heard a ground swell of people clammering about the destination for the summer.  More often then not people are just traveling home if they are from Europe and spending less time on vacation.  I’m not 100% certain but I’d say that the uncertainty that a presidential election brings and the shape of the global  economy ,oil prices and inflationary concerns, has everyone very focused.

Regardless, everyone please find time to take time off.  I know I get crazy and tense when I don’t find quality down time.  

I’m going to the an All Star Game party tonight for Smart Water.  50 Cent is performing.  Its supposed to be star studded.  I just hope its fun.



What the hell is this?  I understand satire. This is so beyond satire that it boarders on stupidity.  The high browed humor of New York Magazine looks more like like a racist joke gone public.  To overlook the obvious affect the cover would have at face value is like saying ‘I’m not racist. I have black friends”.

Satire, I get it but why should I have to?  Who reads The New Yorker Magazine?  Far fewer people than we see the cover of this issue and never understand that The New Yorker Magazine has a liberal slant and is fundamentally an Obama supporter.  

Its so reckless in it’s highbrow humor that it reeks of stupidity. I hope its stupidity. Otherwise, its the most blatantly public racist insult I’ve seen in my mature adult life. New York Magazine’s editors knew exactly what they were doing. Cause a controversy.  Controversy sells. But at what cost? Do we want to start second guessing the motives of our “allies”?  

Yes, we’re all adults and can figure out they’re intent but man why do we have to continuously burdened by having to?  

At least it looks like he’s won the presidency and I do love the Afro on Michelle.



I am biased to the places where I hang my hat, Cipriani, but there are some other amazing places with a different vibe with an equally amazing selection.  This week I revisited:

Max, Italian restaurant taken directly from Frank (Frank located on 2nd ave btwn 5 & 6st).  Both have amazing food, ambiance and outdoor seating.  

Cafe Orlin, great brunch/lunch spot.  Outdoor seating, good eats and service.

Summer Fun / Week In Review

Milk Studios BBQ

Another wonderful day.  You can never forget how important it is to say thank you to the people that help you in your everyday.  Hats off to the boys at Milk Studios.  Every summer they organize a BBQ in the garage space of Milk Studios on 14th Street.  This year they added art works from the entire production staff allowing them to showcase their work.  What a wonderful way to say thank you. 

The BBQ is one of the highlights of the summer.  They bring out grills and drinks and this year they added a skate board course.  How hot is that???  Of course the party is filled with fashion insiders. Photographers, production staffers, stylists and of course models.  Everyone is dressed to relax in                                                          jeans and t-shirts, ahhhh…  


Cipriani Upstairs

Love it!  Its just easy.  A room full of beautiful like minded people.  Everyone having fun.  The music is good, the women gorgeous and the place is a selective mix of art, fashion, film, music and finance.  


I don’t want to only focus on the models but I’ll leave a few photos here of friends that I had the pleasure of spending time with last night.  Giedre, Irina Shayk and Egle

What a wonderful time. Smiles and laughs all around.


I have to highlight a song that caught my attention.  Yes, it hip-hop, but the lyrics are so poignant and fantastic regarding the overall state of hip-hop.  Wow!  thats all i can say maybe you’ll agree. Joe Budden Who Pt. 1



Damon Dash

I was with Damon Dash last night. He’s mentioned in the song. Damon does not get the credit he deserves for his influence on hip-hip. To under estimate the drive and focus to create a virtual empire that was Roc-a-fella is like saying its simple to become president of the United States.









I’m currently planning Halloween for Cipriani at 42nd Street. Last year was beyond amazing for those of you that didn’t make it. Click for video invite . To see the party video, pictures and press you’ll have to refer back to the website home page select events and go to Cipriani Halloween 07′. Click Here You’ll love it!

So now the mission is on finding the appropriate sponsors to make the magic happen!


What Didn’t Go Right

Casa Lido was the summer marketing platform I had hoped to have a with Evian in the Hamptons. I had commitments for catering 3 dinner parties from 2 of NYC’s premiere restaurants Megu and Le Cirque. Additionally, I had hoped to host several events including a launch party for Red Bull Cola (its very good- spicy). in addition a membership program which would invite members to lunch at the house reserve tennis time or lessons, spa with massage and cabanas around the pool.

Different portions of the grounds would have been available for activations for smaller intimate dinner parties in a more sophisticated setting. Nothing past eleven p.m. Simple, beautiful, easy, sexy fun. Didn’t happen! FOUR GOOD MONTHS OF PLANNING DOWN THE DRAIN.

Next year!



Can somebody in washington grow a pair and deal with the problems we are all sharing in.  My god when is someone going to just say “we’re screwed, but we can turn it around with long term objectives with short term goals.  We can’t just keep putting layer after layer of band-aids for quick fixes and revisit them as times call for updating.  

Who is going to help us regain our standing in the world.  American values used to represent what every persons believed in, family, hard work will pay off,  God (religious freedom), and the simple concept of agreeing to disagree without killing each other (freedom of expression).  

Just listening to the broadcast news on the election is painful.  Please think globally. Think green.  Think diplomacy.  Think less mass distraction.  Think less about differences and more about similarities.  

It often feels like the media is driving writing a spy or mystery novel when they are “reporting” the news. America needs a fresh dose of reality.  Yeah, its tough!  But aren’t things tough now!  Its only going to get worse if government doesn’t tune in.  It seems that the will of the people is being ignored.  How is that possible???  

Let’s make a short list of what we need to get done in the next two years and tackle them.  We can run another list giving the same amount of attention.  Don’t we have enough representation in Washington??

When did america become so small minded?  how did we let ourselves get so distracted from actually dealing with our problems.  What have we been so preoccupied with?  Fear?  War?  Spending money?  Why haven’t we been encouraged to be smarter?  Why haven’t we been encouraged to be the leaders in the change to a more efficient fuel source and use?  Why aren’t we challenged to simplify our lives and appreciate what we have and try to save more?  

Anyway…  some thoughts I hope get you thinking.